Core Reorganization

The district has been effects bargaining over the reorganization announcement back in early august. Preference bidding begins Monday 9/23/2013 and members are wanting to know how this will impact their work schedules as well as vacation schedules. Your local has scheduled a meeting on 9/23 with Area Representatives to provide feedback from the members in regards to this process and questions they may have. Below was the update from the District.

Update from District: As all of you are aware the company announced back on August 2, 2013 there intention to  create two new organizations, Service Delivery and Assurance (SD&A)  and Network Infrastructure and Business Service (NIBS).  As a result of this announcement the company and the Union have been in talks for the last several weeks.  These talks included specifically the manner in which employees would transition into these new Organizations.  The Union informed the company early on that what we wanted honored was seniority during the selection process.  What we feel we came up with is something that will certainly honor members seniority as well as have a minimal impact on them.

The company has designated report locations that they intend to be split locations (that means locations where there will be SD&A and NIBS)  In other garages that are not determined to be split garages those will be designated as non-split SD&A. In these non-split locations the work will continue as it always has,  that technicians will continue to do all aspects of the job from simple POTS Maintenance to Specials, Cable and air pressure functions. NIBS will consist of two functional groups. Infrastructure (cable repair, helper tickets, PMFF, and air pressure) and Special Services. SD&A team will focus on installation and repair of non-designed video, voice and broadband services. This means that technicians that are in split locations will preference into 1 of 3 possible workgroups by seniority within a report location. Technicians will be from old CIM & First Mile.

  • SD&A
  • NIBS Infrastructure
  • Special Service

The Union and the Company have agreed that in areas that are considered Split locations, preference will take place within current report location and by straight  seniority. The company has agreed that existing Service Technicians (ST’s) who would like to preference by seniority into either of the two NIBS groups; Infrastructure or Special Service, will be promoted to CSS. If they decide on SD&A they will remain Service Technicians (ST’s). The company has also indicated they are looking at September 23’rd to start the preference.  After the preference is completed the company would then start Vacation selection for 2014 under the new organizations.

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