iDesk Op. Deployment Midwest

What’s next? Will Drones replace first line managers?

From District: I wanted to advise those of you who have centers under McSorely & Ragland of a new Software deployment.

Background:  iDesk is a software that collects data on employee internet use (URL websites and times) and generates associated reports. The software is meant to track URL activity and then provide feed back to employees if necessary on usage and effectiveness.

The company has assured me that this is in no way being used to monitor employees or to be used to discipline employees. They are claiming it is a management tool used to streamline effectiveness and time management.  Take that for what it is worth.

Managers will meet with employees and provide an overview of iDesk reports and answer any questions.

Internet usage on breaks & lunches will not change, recognizing that each center has different practices for Internet use. Practices and Manager Guidelines for use of internet will not change, as a result of iDesk.

This deployment has been in some of the Marketing centers for sometime without any issues arising regarding monitoring or discipline.

Impacted centers in Midwest:
McSorely: Evansville Indiana, Indianapolis Indiana, East St. Louis Illinois
Ragland: Wyoming Michigan, Waukesha Wisconsin


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