Mobility Seating Settlement


If you recall it was about a year ago that a pending arbitration award was communicated to AT&T Retail Mobility employees. It was to be paid out in the form of a cash settlement. This judgement was waiting for Court approval before it could be awarded.

Good news is here! Please read the communication below from the International. If you have any questions, please contact your Steward or Area Rep…

From the International:
Subject: AT&T Mobility Seating Final Settlements

As you will recall, the CWA and the Company entered into a settlement agreement a little over a year ago, out of the grievance and arbitration concerning the Company’s removing seating without bargaining with the Union.  Before the settlement became final, it had to be approved by the Court.  The Court did approve the settlement on October 10, 2014.

As part of the settlement AT&T agreed to pay $250 dollars to every Retail Sales Consultant and Sales Support Representative in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who are ON THE PAYROLL on the “effective date”.  The “effective date” is defined as 35 days after the Court approves the final settlement in the class action lawsuit.

The Settlement Agreement also states that the Company will process the payments within 60 days of the “effective date” and the employees will receive this money on their next regular paycheck after processing.  Mobility employees will be receiving the payouts in early January.

In addition, the Company in negotiations with the Union agreed to a new seating policy permitting employees to sit under certain circumstances and  has agreed that it must bargain with the Union if it removes the seating, now provided in most … if not all stores.  It should be noted that although the grievances and arbitration arose in District 9, the remedy is for Mobility employees nationwide.  Any disputes about who should receive the $250.00 will be resolved through the grievance and arbitration process.

These are great victories for the CWA and our members who took a stand for their right to sit at work.  A thank you goes again to the District 9 Local(s) who took a stand and pursued this.


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