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If you work for AT&T there is a section of the Code of Business Conduct that you should review after reading this news article…  the section which covers “Off Duty Misconduct”.

As you know each of us as employees are subject to an annual review of the COBC. However when reviewing the COBC it only provides approximately 11 pages of how you as an employee, should adhere to the company COBC while acting with integrity in all that you do. We recommend when completing the yearly review of the COBC that you click on the link to the full document and review in its entirety. Let NO manager tell you that you are given only 20-30 minutes to review. Should that happen, please contact us immediately!!

Termination for a violation of not promptly reporting off duty misconduct, can at times be avoided simply by understanding and complying with the rules.

Couple of examples; if you have interaction with law enforcement whether being arrested, charged with a crime, or even traffic ticket … you must report as soon as you return to work. Another example is failure to report that your license has been revoked …  you must report as soon as you return to work. The company requires a written statement and has virtually a zero tolerance policy when off duty misconduct has occurred and not reported to your supervisor upon your return to work. Caution: If your supervisor is on vacation or unavailable, you need to proceed to the next level of management.

Up until recently we were unsuccessful in getting members back to work not just in this local, but in all states. We finally achieved a back to work agreement in our division, but many circumstances came into play with that case. This employee had a “flawless” record which was one of the list items instrumental to his return. Simply because of not reporting until third day of return to work.

If you are unsure of your need for reporting an incident, I would ask that you speak with a Union representative for clarification!! I’ll assure you your privacy is paramount to us. It’s IMPERATIVE that you report the issue ASAP. To many times we have lost members who would still be here today if they would have promptly acted! If you are an employee of ADT, Tyco or Ninestar, Johnson Controls or YP,  I would urge you to check with your management team to ascertain if there are reporting requirements with your company!


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