October 2014 North Central Safety

October 2014 North Central Safety Meeting notes:
1)-Many Garages have had the lighting upgraded. 2)-Several parking lots have had pot hoes repaired. 3)-FVD training has been pushed out to some work groups. 4)-Some work groups have done a great job on making safety a priority.

FVD Training
We are still having trouble with technicians being trained and understanding of the use of the FVD. The EM field is something new we are dealing with and a cause for confusion. There is a very good video provided by the company. We ask that the video be shared in conjunction with a leader led course. Mike Kensinger agrees and suggest to have the safety SPOK coordinate with local management.

Leader Led Training Vs Email Training
We have been under the “email safety training and cover when you can” method. Our concern is that questions that are raised are not being answered. Some cases the training is not read or viewed and in others some folks due not learn well by reading only. Kensinger- We do hold weekly meetings and safety is a part of that. Agreement was made to work with local 1st line/store managers on this issue.

Street Smarts
Good program. There is a conflict between OP78 and Street Smarts concerning idling. Street Smart is another program that would be excellent for a leader led setting. Jeff Larkin is normally willing to come out and present “Street Smarts”. The
Area managers agreed to provide a leader led setting for “Street Smarts” and make it a priority. Tony Boles- In the Mobility world- Did Lesa Zang put in place a policy for opening and closing the store? Curt responded with a yes.

Fire Exits
We are finding the fire exit to be blocked and in some situations there is not a fire exit available. We are asking emphasis to be placed on maintaining a clear route to all fire exits. We also ask that if fire exits are not available that appropriate actions are taken to provide a fire exit. All agreed.

RKI 2009 Gas Meter
There was a “Train the Trainer” class set up but cancelled due to work loads. We are asking that a good “telephone company” oriented class be provided to help employees learn how to properly understand and use the meter. These meters are not as user friendly as the Gas Trac. We need a commitment for better training and better accessories for this expensive tool to protect our employees. Kensinger- I would like to have a one on one with those who understand. I would like Jason Creager to provide a concise cheat sheet on how to start, bump start and check Settings. Also, what accessories do we need. I also request that this topic be placed on the SPOK coverage in the next few meetings.

AM Vehicle Safety Check
We need to place an emphasis on AM Vehicle Safety Check. Eric Johnson- How do we get the mirrors that allows us to check lights? Discussions were held concerning the mirrors. It was agreed that building maintenance tickets would be placed for the mirrors. But, in the mean time we agreed to work locally to motivate employees to perform this check, which; also includes checking for leaks and cleaning up the leaks.

Slips, Trips & Falls
Slips, trips and falls is the number one cause for on-the-job injuries. We should
remind the outside folks to order their slip on ice cleats. We need to ensure ice melt is ordered early, prior to the snow fall. We ask that the parking lots and sidewalks are cleaned this winter and maintained properly. We also learned engine oil and other emergency vehicle fluids are now to be purchased with the fuel card.

Parking Lot Up Keep
We have issues remaining with control markings in the parking lot. Muncie & Hunting have surface issue or parking block issues. Building maintenance tickets should be placed.

AT&T Outside Lighting
Marion & Bluffton still have lighting issues. Bill Lytle states that the budget does not allow for light upgrades for the parking lots. Lynn- Suggested the employees cary a small flash light.

Short Ladder Strap
Please, reiterate the proper use of the short ladder strap. There is a video the company produced and would be a good thing to push out to everyone for review.

Marion North CO Noise Level
Marion North CO noise levels, due to reseller cooling fans on their equipment, are a concern. The noise level may be too high, distracting and damaging to the hearing. Kensinger reminded that the company provides hearing protection not just for the CO but also for other activities.

Cold, Flu & Ebola Season
We would like to see the Cold and Flu training sent out again. Please, encourage our folks to not shake hands and to wash hands after using the restroom, and prior to smoking and eating.

Winter Driving
Please, cover the employees on proper winter driving. The new transit vehicles will have clearance issues this winter, we will keep an eye out for potential issues. We
ask that the company provides reminders of how to drive on ice and snow, to increase following distance.

Severe Winter Weather
We shared our concern for operating in severe winter weather. Kensinger responded- “We should handle extreme weather situations at a local level with local managers. Although, we can not write policy for extreme weather. We will not have anybody do anything that is unsafe. If an employee feels unsafe they should call their manager.” We ask that managers listen to the concern and not dismiss it or understate it.

Manhole Recertification
Manhole recertification is to be done every two years, which; we are not seeing. We believe their is a mobile trailer that can be brought out to local garages to allow more folks to be re-certified. We need to find out what the requirements are and follow through with the training.

Cleaning Services
Some of the cleaning services are lacking. Those who are taking care of Marion garage are not doing a good job. Kensinger- I believe you can enter tickets to take care of the building maintenance issue to have them resolved. We will begin to escalate if the issues are not corrected.

Muncie CO Elevator
Elevator gets stuck between floors. This is a known issue. Follow up will be had with the CO management.

Muncie CO Hand Rails On East Entrance
Follow up will be had with the CO management.

Process For Removing Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Samantha Wright- We have a specific tool that assists in removing the shields. Mike shared the idea of using rubber gloves

Schedules (Late Shift)
We feel the late shift causes concern for technician that are out late. There is no safety practice in place to ensure the last technician of the day makes it home safe. Mike Adams- is there an issue having helper tickets made? No.

Auburn Garage Safety
Cable cleaner, propane shed, dumpster are all outside. We request that a fence be provided to secure the company assets. Lynne- We have been fighting this issue for a while. We lease this building and the Land Lord will not build a fence. We are looking for a new place.

Specifications for Safety Glasses
Prescription safety glasses- the eye doctors want to know AT&T’s specification for safety glasses. AT&T has internal program for providing prescription safety glasses. Paul Sepaniak will provide the links.

Please, ask your folks to by the eyes and ears for the company to ensure the contractors are performing their work safely. All employees have the duty, right and responsibilities to ensure the contractors are performing work safely and shut down the work site if they are not. Then, follow up by calling the appropriate field coordinator. The contractors should follow all company safety practices. Most issue are with the new contractors those who low ball jobs. Typically we do not have issues with are SPA contractors.

Round Table…
Kensinger- We are 50 days without an accident!

Notes by Jason Creager
Safety Committee Chair Local 4900

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