About Us

We are the largest CWA local in Indiana and our union hall is located in Indianapolis.  We are one of the 200 locals in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin supported by District 4 which is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  At the 72nd CWA Convention in 2010, Local 4900 was honored to receive the President’s Award from CWA President Larry Cohen.

We represent about 3100 workers located in towns and cities from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River. We pride ourselves on being a “members” local responding to the individual needs of our members. In order to assist our members we have 5 full-time elected Officers and 12 Area Reps located throughout the state.  We also have more than 250 Stewards and Chief Stewards in the workplace for the first line of contact and contract enforcement.


Executive Board 2014-2017



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