I want to file a grievance…

Contact your Union Steward to identify if you have a valid grievance. Your Steward will interview others such as you, co-workers or management to obtain pieces of information to determine if a valid grievance exist. Asking the Right Questions starts by asking some basic questions known as the 5 W’s

Who was involved? (Names of people involved in event)
What happened? (Description of the event)
Where did it happen? (Location of the event)
When did it happen? (Date and time the event occurred)
Why is this a grievance? (Contract sections being violated)

To handle a grievance properly, your Steward will need a lot of information. And often the search for facts will lead to making a relevant data request to your employer for information they have on file. A Union’s legal right to obtain this relevant data from the employer, can help defend your rights and win grievances and arbitrations. This right is established by the National Labor Relations Act. Employers have a legal obligation to provide information that union stewards need.

And if after the initial investigation of the issue the member complaint was found to be a violation, a grievance is filed. Your steward will request that you fill out a District 4 statement. This form captures the 5 W’s shown above. Members must fill this form out. It helps to keep information from being forgotten over time.  Also these records may be used by other Union representatives who may handle later steps of the grievance.

 Download the Grievant’s Statement doc

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