Goals of a Steward

The following twenty items will serve as a checklist for you. Refer to them as a guide in fulfilling your obligation as Union Steward.

  1. Stay informed on union affairs.
  2. Serve as an example to your members.
  3. Keep the members informed on union policies and activities.
  4. Attend union meetings and union affairs. Encourage and bring the members.
  5. Meet the new members early, inform them, educate them, help them become members.
  6. Act as a leader – do not let personal likes or dislikes prejudice your actions as a grievance representative.
  7. Keep accurate and up-to-date records. Write it down.
  8. Do not promise, if you cannot deliver.
  9. Always refer to your contract.
  10. Get involved with committees.
  11. Fight, whenever you meet it, the anti-union element. Be informed and be dedicated to the labor movement.
  12. Do not hesitate or stall. If you do not know, admit you do not know. Then try to get the answer.
  13. Keep your workers informed on sources of information.
  14. Be proud of your position.
  15. Wear your union button and encourage your coworkers to wear one as well. It’s a sign of unity.
  16. Investigate every grievance as if it were your own. Keep the member informed. Make sure you keep your deadlines.
  17. There is no excuse for missing a time limit. Process every grievance as if it were going to arbitration but try to resolve it at the lowest possible level.
  18. You should always be diplomatic in your approach with management. This will foster a good working relationship.
  19. Never consider yourself to be inferior to management representatives. You are always their equal.
  20. Attend and encourage other members to attend any labor education programs that might be available. Your goal is to be the best union representative you can be. Always strive for this goal. Excellence has no substitute.

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