AT&T 2nd Quarter Potential Surplus

By now many of you have heard the potential for a 2nd quarter surplus announcement affecting local 4900 members. Below you will see the timeline of events.

Note that the company date for formal surplus notification is 3/27/17 If surplus orientations are needed, they would not begin until 3-28 or after.

The first step is the upfront SIPP and then the company determines the surplus number. I expect quite a bit of effects bargaining throughout the process. In the last surplus we were able to reduce the number of 23 to zero by the end of the process. This number affected totals 9 in the local. 4 are in the Anderson FAA and 5 in the Indy FAA. These are never easy and they are challenging to say the least. Below is a snapshot of the affected workgroups and areas.

I’m sure many of you would like to see a seniority list for your FAA. Please contact your area rep for that list as provided to us by the company. Should you have questions surrounding this announcement, I would encourage you to contact your area rep as well. 

The Union will work diligently to minimize the impact of this potential surplus.


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