Appx F Bargaining Changes

The following communication from District regarding Appendix F:

I received the following information on timing of a couple issues from bargaining:

The eLink/IT estimate for work completion date and the new logic to be in production for PDOs counting toward Overtime is 12/22/15. The retroactive true up back to 4/12/2015 to the overtime calculation will be done on 12/23. The employees will see the overtime retro true up on their 1st paycheck in January depending on their pay cycle.

The attached communication will be going out to Employees, Supervisors and GTRS (CWA Appendix F) regarding the per diem increase from $35 to $37. It is advising them to enter the new dollar amount starting on 8/1/15. The payroll office will increase and retro all previously entered per diems of $35 to $37 between 4/12 and 7/31. Any employees that are due a retro for per diems will see it on their August checks.



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