AT&T Surplus Update

Brothers and Sisters,
As we go about our daily job duties today, i want to talk to you about the recent surplus announcements from at&t. The union has been informed of a possible surplus of 3 technicians in the Indianapolis FAA along with one clerical and 10 in the Telecommunications Specialist title. We also have one clerical in the Anderson FAA. The process of voluntary SIPP has started in an attempt to minimize the number of at risk employees.

Across District 4 there are multiple call centers that are shutting down and surplussing all employees. There are also states in D4 that have large numbers of surplus declarations in multiple titles. We may have as many as 250 possible employees in D4 that are at risk.

While this is occurring, the union is fighting to minimize the number at risk and to make sure all our members are provided their contractual rights like the Employment Security Commitment. We will fight tooth and nail to protect every affected member. That you can be assured of!

We also have an eye out to our brothers and sisters in District 3 and 6. Combined they have nearly 1000 employees who have been declared at risk. They also have multiple centers slated for full closure.

We are one union and this is a fight to protect our futures in a world of changing technology and corporate greed. Stay tuned for the facts in news releases to your website.

In Solidarity,
Tim Strong President Local 4900

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