CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #4

March 10, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!

Today our full committee met with the company’s committee in formal session. Tentative agreements were reached on; Agreement Page, Article 1 (Recognition), Article 28 (Safety), Appendix A8 (Safety Advisory Council), Appendix A3 (Four Day Tour) and Appendix A14 (Innovative Scheduling).

The Company then passed negative proposals on Article 17 (Scheduling and Payment for Time Worked) that would change calculations for overtime payments, schedule posting and treatment for some paid time not worked and an additional proposal on Appendix A13 (Monitoring) that would eliminate monitoring language that our members rely on for protection against unjust discipline.

Other proposals presented by the company today were, Appendix A27 (Incentive Plans) and Appendix A28 (Leveraged Title). The Union presented proposals on Appendices that cover Motor Vehicle Usage, Regional Joint Benefits Forum, Commercial Drivers License, Work at Home, Medical Facilities, and Presidential Council.

The bargaining team is continuing to go over data and formulating responses to company proposals this afternoon and evening.

In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 4 Bargaining Team


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