CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #46

April 26, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!

Today, the Union rejected the Company’s second comprehensive package proposal.

No matter how AT&T would like to spin it in their message to employees from this morning, their proposal, once again, fell short of the union demands regarding affordable healthcare, improved job security, and access to current and future call center, technical and support jobs. We passed language to improve job security, protect against contracting for all employees, along with improvements to our overall benefits package without cost shifting.

We hope the Company is serious about wanting to move forward and accepts our proposals that reflect common ground between the parties so that we can move forward with discussions on the many important items that remain to be settled.

We will continue the fight for all of us against AT$T’s continued efforts to fog the vision we have for our collective future.


In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 4 Bargaining Team

Curt Hess, Tina Culver, Dan Frazier, Kim Gallardo, Tim Strong, Greg Tennyson, Jay Walther, Ron Gay, Mike Handley

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