CWA/ATT Midwest Bargaining Report #7

March 13, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!

This morning the full committee met with the company where they passed us retrogressive proposals on Article 10 (Union Officers and Representatives), Article 21 Recognized Holidays), Article 23 (Vacations) and on a Letter outside the Contract regarding Vacation Carryover. They also passed proposals on a Letter outside the Contract regarding the Vacation and Holiday Committee and on Article 22 (Excused Work Days).

In a session with the company this afternoon, we passed proposals on Article 20 (Classification and Treatment of Regular Part-Time Employees) and Appendix A22 (Proper use of Union-Management Review Board). We also held subcommittee meetings with the company on SR/Leveraged title and Appendix G/COS.


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