CWA AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #31

As negotiations continue, the Union stresses the improvements we need in the contract. We have had extensive discussions around career paths and employee development. We also continue pushing for a fair and lucrative commission plan. You deserve a commission plan that is easy to understand with achievable goals and allows you to earn a fair wage. We have received numerous calls, from around the country, about the Ultimate Prospector Tool. We have verified with the company bargaining team that this tool is completely voluntary and any calls or procedures associated with it are optional.

We also continue discussions around safety which is an area where dialogue remains positive and some movement has been made. However, we cannot stress enough that we remain very far apart. We appreciate your continued support and mobilization.
Stay strong Brothers and Sisters!!

In Solidarity,

Mike Baxter, Local 1101
Frank Oliva, Local 1298
Deb Casey, Local 2204
Jeff Reamer, Local 13000
Julie Daloisio, Local 13500
Holly Sorey, Local 4202
Glen Skeen, Local 4320
Debbie Goulet, Local 7803
Hector Capote, Local 7250
Brandon Beck, Local 9511
Joe Sison, Local 9412
Pat Telesco, District 1, Chair
Tonya Moore, District 1
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