CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining Report #11

CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining Report #11 May 6, 2016

We ended the week not much further along than we were in our last report. AT&T has yet to make a proposal that we can work with to fix the unfair contribution costs being paid in Puerto Rico. We still have not agreed on contribution costs in the final years of this agreement, and have not seen a company proposal with the language we need to “unwind” this NBBP agreement that prevents us from bargaining our wages and healthcare together. The CWA Bargaining Committee remains available to meet with AT&T in hopes of getting a fair agreement to take to our membership.

In Solidarity,

The CWA 2016 Mobility NBBP Bargaining Committee
Kelvin Banks, D3; Luis Benitez, D3 Puerto Rico; Holly Sorey, D4; John Richie, D6: Pat Telesco, D1

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