CWA Presidential Election ePoll

To: CWA Local Presidents
Dear Colleagues:

Last month, I wrote to you to outline the process the CWA Executive Board has established for determining whether and how our union will endorse a Presidential candidate.

At the direction of the Executive Board, we have established a website,, to provide information about the candidates, along with an online poll for members to make their views known.

We will be announcing the site to our members in the CWA eNewsletter later today, and will send reminders throughout the polling period. The information also will be provided to members in the Fall issue of the CWA News, which members will receive in early October.

The poll will stay open into early December and will help determine if a single candidate has overwhelming support from the membership and whether we will make an endorsement.

It is important that this poll reflect the views of as many members as possible. I encourage you to spread the word about the site to your membership.

In Solidarity,
Chris Shelton


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