CWA/AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #41

The Union and Company have continued meeting since the contract expired on Monday morning. There has been some positive movement, however, all major issues remain on the table. To recap, here is what we are fighting for: affordable benefits, fair wages, flexible time off including vacation scheduling, EWP time usage, exchange time, fair commissions, job upgrades, sick time and absence, and job security protections against contractors in Network, contracting out work and offshoring Call Centers and opening authorized retailers. This is a long list of issues and the Company refuses to offer fair proposals on any of them. Many of these issues are strike issues. The Bargaining team is here to improve this contract, and we will not leave until we accomplish our goal.

We have been receiving reports from the field that managers have been spreading false information. It is important to have mobilization continue and escalate. It’s also important to understand that management’s goal with misinformation is to undermine mobilization which could have a negative impact on bargaining. If it sounds wrong, it probably is, and you should check with your Local. If, and when, the CWA President calls a strike, rest assured, you cannot be pointed or fired for Striking. You cannot be disciplined for picketing, and the Company cannot discipline you when you return to work after the strike. Any misinformation being spread should be grieved by your stewards and should be reported to your Local. CWA has a long history of taking care of their own during a strike and that will continue in the event of a strike at Mobility. This is the time for Mobility members to stand up and fight back and leave their historic mark on the labor movement. When we fight, We Win!!

In Solidarity,

Mike Baxter, Local 1101
Frank Oliva, Local 1298
Deb Casey, Local 2204
Jeff Reamer, Local 13000
Julie Daloisio, Local 13500
Holly Sorey, Local 4202
Glen Skeen, Local 4320
Debbie Goulet, Local 7803
Hector Capote, Local 7250
Brandon Beck, Local 9511
Joe Sison, Local 9412
Pat Telesco, District 1, Chair
Tonya Moore, District 1
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