CWA/ATT Mobility Bargaining Update #16

CWA / AT&T 2017 “Orange” Contract Bargaining

February 13, 2017 – Bargaining Report #16

The Union and the Company met today and the Union passed proposals on job security, vacations, absence, transfer language, exchange time, holidays, benefits and basis of compensation. Heated and contentious discussions occurred surrounding the Union’s notice to the Company of our intent to bargain commissions and the Company’s unwillingness to give up their flexibility to change it when their greed suits them. Your bargaining team has placed this Company on notice that we will be here as long as it takes and that our membership has driven this agenda and we will not waiver. The line has been drawn in the sand and we are not going anywhere until we achieve our goal of bringing back a fair contract for the membership. Continue your mobilization efforts and let your voices be heard to management that you are on the same side of that line as your bargaining team. Your bargaining team has been energized by the show of support and solidarity displayed through this past weekend’s mobilizations, rallies, practice pickets and job actions. Scale it up!

Stay strong Sisters and Brothers!!
In Solidarity,

Mike Baxter, Local 1101
Frank Oliva, Local 1298
Deb Casey, Local 2204
Jeff Reamer, Local 13000
Julie Daloisio, Local 13500
Holly Sorey, Local 4202
Glen Skeen, Local 4320
Hector Capote, Local 7250
Debbie Goulet, Local 7803
Joe Sison, Local 9412
Brandon Beck, Local 9511
Pat Telesco, District 1, Chair
Tonya Moore, District 1


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