D4 Officers Bargaining Meeting

Today District 4 V.P. -Linda Hinton, D4 Mobilization Coordinator -Teri Pluta, CWA Legal counsel -Matt Harris; met with local officers, state mobilization coordinators and D4 staff from around the district. As our contract nears expiration our goal was to discuss our strategies going forward.

The company is not willing to get serious at the table so now our members are going to help move those discussions along! This contract is the fork in the road so to speak. What we do now as a Union defines our futures. As Ray Kurzweil once said, “What we spend our time on is probably the most important decision we make”.

Now more than ever, “our time is now”. We must define ourselves as a Union and mobilize to help our bargaining team achieve a fair contract. A contract that will move us forward in “our vision” of 2020 -for our families and co-workers. One that secures jobs of the future for those who built this company! Union members who made AT$T successful. Union members that AT&T once praised publicly as the backbone of our infrastructure. Your district and local officers cannot achieve this goal alone. It’s time to put the U back in Union and mobilize!

Below is a short video from those who attended this meeting with a message to the company, along with a message to our members…



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