District 4 Surplus Update

Here is a summary of what has taken place, and where we are with regard to the current surplus.

• Initial surplus announcement was for 117 CSR’s and TA’s (credit and collections Detroit), 1 TS in Indianapolis, and 214 Prem Techs across four (4) states.
– Company created a surplus process utilizing performance and attendance, then inverse order of seniority for Prem Techs.
– Surplus was announced on the 15th of December, off payroll dates for Prem Techs January 9th and other titles at the end of March.

• Discussions immediately took place with company over the seniority issue, as well as, continued use of contractors.
– Company was unwilling to make any movement on the total of affected surplus, the process for the surplus, or reducing the use of contractors.
– Locals began filing grievances over the process.
– District level information requests were submitted; as were Executive Level grievances; while staff continued to seek resolution over the process and reducing the surplus

• The Company announces a $1000 bonus to add insult to injury.

• While intense conversations continued over the seniority issue, staff continued to look for other avenues towards relieving the number of involuntary surplus.
– Since December 15th, errors in the convoluted surplus process were identified and multiple corrections (and adjusted lists) were made. Discussions with the single intent to keep as many people from being involuntarily removed from payroll, led to a canvass for techs interested in leaving the Company with the availability of Section 7.04. 25 individuals have chosen to take the offer, which translated into 12 surplus employees being removed from the list. A canvass is taking place to fill the remaining 13 spots by FAA, then Statewide.

• The District 4’s executive level grievance requested a stay for the surplus and effects bargaining over issues.
– The Company made it clear that no discussions held with AT&T labor would 1) reduce the surplus, 2) lead to the utilization of inverse order of seniority, or 3) reduce the work going to contractors, in the terms of this surplus.

• District VPs escalated their issues to CWA President Chris Shelton.

• President Shelton went into discussions with AT&T.

• Affected CWA Districts have filed there own executive grievances as well as a lawsuit in D-6. D-4 has also filed Labor Board charges.

• The recent conversations between President Shelton and the Company resulted in an offer with strings attached:
– The Company would place a stay on the current surplus for Districts who would agree to a 32 hr work week for premises technicians
– There were no limitations on the scope of the reduction of their hours, locations that would be affected, reduction of the use of contractors, or that there would not be another surplus announcement in 2018.
– Furthermore, the Company refused to address the seniority issue in D-4 and the credit collections center would be closing.

• District 4 and District 9 would not accept these terms with regards to the prem tech surplus.

We will continue to fight through these issues and mobilize today, tomorrow, and through bargaining.

In Solidarity,

Linda L. Hinton

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