GWS-JCI Contract Extension

From District Staff rep concerning the GWS-JCI contract negotiations:

To all members of CWA District 4 working for GWS-LLC for AT&T (Johnson Controls​),

CWA/IBEW have agreed to extend the GWS-JCI contract until 08/31/2015. We remain optimistic​ that we will reach an agreement on or before this date.

There are still a few key issues that we are working through and feel that the extension w​ill help us achieve our goal of a fair contract.

The parties agree that any changes subsequently negotiated will be made retroactive to August 1st 2015 unless specifically noted to the contrary in the CBA. Employees must be on active payroll at the time of the CBA ratification to qualify for any retro-active wage changes and back-pay.

​We will keep you posted as developments occur.


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