Help Ryan Powers and his family

Can you help Ryan Powers and his family?

Ryan Powers is a 4900 member who was viciously shot 3 times as he left work on February 10th.
He has recovered enough to be released to be at home but he has a long journey to get back to work.
He has 2 girls and another child on the way. He is also a Veteran.
Please share the link below for donations to support Ryan and his family.
Since he has less than 6 months of service; he is not eligible for paid disability benefits.

Go Fund Me Information: 

Click Here for the Link to the Go Fund Me

See Go Fund Me Information from Ryan’s wife below:

Yesterday at 6:20pm my husband, Ryan Powers, was driving home from work when he was involved in a random shooting. A vehicle pulled up next to him as he was trying to merge onto the highway and unloaded their magazine into his passenger door. Ryan was shot 3 times and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He spent 5 hours undergoing emergency surgery and is still in the ICU but is currently stable.

I don’t have any more information about the other driver besides the fact that they drove away. The incident is still under investigation.

The surgeon told me it’s a miracle Ryan’s even alive but he is expected to have a pretty rough recovery and will need 2-3 months off of work at the least.

Ryan started working at AT&T 5 months ago, but doesn’t qualify for FMLA, short term disability or has any vacation time. I’m not even sure if he will have a job to go back to once he can work again. I’m a stay at home mom who watches our girls during the day and is also 25 weeks pregnant. I’m looking into trying to find a job I can do at home for the meantime until the baby is born. We can’t afford childcare so I’m trying to see what I can find. We could desperately use some help with living expenses. We moved across the country last year to try and create better lives for us and our kids and just don’t have the means to financially support ourselves with no income right now. Any money donated will go towards our mortgage, car payment and utilities in order to try and avoid losing our house and family car. Any help is truly appreciated. Thank you

We are hoping his VA Health Insurance covers all the medical costs but won’t be sure until they receive the bill from the hospital.

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