IMPORTANT! Core CWA/AT&T Bargaining Surveys and Demands

CWA 4900 Core Members,

As we enter into the Holiday season, I hope this communication finds you and your families well! While our battle continues for a fair contract at AT&T Mobility; We are preparing to battle with Core AT&T, at the bargaining table, beginning early next March. This is sure to be a difficult fight as healthcare costs and technological changes continue to erode both your wallet and job security. The fight will be to control the escalation in healthcare costs and to secure training and access to the jobs of the future. We cannot allow the continued outsourcing of our core call center work and we must secure access to all IP platforms that will deliver services, and internal and external support, to customers now and moving forward. If this is not a big enough task, keep in mind there are a multitude of daily workplace issues that affect you in the workplace and at home.

It’s important that you engage now by filling out a bargaining survey. This can be filled out electronically and returned via email to:  The survey takes only a few moments to fill out and return. The bargaining committee reviews the results of every survey turned in throughout the Midwest. The other form available is for a bargaining demand. You can cite specific contract provisions to be improved or bargained. These can be emailed directly to me at  As an elected member to the 2018 Bargaining Committee, I will review these personally and they will be reviewed with entire elected committee.

I am proud to serve you, at the Core bargaining table, and be your voice for the Midwest and Indiana. Your Local Executive Board and its members will continue the fight at Mobility and begin the fight for Core. We know how to fight and fight we shall! Fill out your survey and fill out a demand if you have one. Reach out to your Area Representative if you need assistance.

In Solidarity,

Tim Strong President 4900 and the Executive Board of 4900


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