*Important Notice to ALL CWA Local 4900 Members and Families*

The CWA Orange Mobility Contract is set to begin an “Economic Strike” at 3pm Eastern tomorrow.
District 9 wireline has announced plans to do the same in support of their expired contract. This action will put 40,000 CWA members on the picket line across the country. This is the first time in the history of the Orange contract for any work stoppage. Many of these members are new and need all the support we can give as Brothers and Sisters. There will be pickets at most corporate retail locations in the state. I am asking that you stop by for a few minutes and offer support or at least give some encouragement. We will want the same support from them next year in wireline bargaining. You can contact your Area Representative or VP to find a location near you. We have also asked all other Unions and coalitions across the country to help us so let’s not let them outnumber our own members. Friday the pickets will begin at 3pm and last until 8 or 9pm in some cases. Saturday pickets will begin as early as 9am and last until 6-8pm in most cases. This is our fight together for justice. We must stand united. I have heard many of you vocally ask why we don’t do things like this together. I believe this is the first time we have actually witnessed this possibility become reality. So don’t just watch, be a part of this historic moment in the history of our labor movement! When we fight, we win!

United we bargain, Divided we beg.

In Solidarity,
Tim Strong, President

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