Loss of a Union Brother

It is with a heavy heart that I am letting you all know we lost a Brother. Dave Towne passed away and has become one with the Lord. Dave was a standing member of the Executive Board of Local 4900 as an Area Representative in Division 3 Area 2; covering the Indianapolis downtown centers, CBRE, YP and the Central Office orbits in Indy. He was also the chairman of the Indianapolis Inside Safety Committee. Dave was quick to respond to any member in need and never hesitated to protect his members at any cost. He was a friend to many and an enemy to none. His wit and humor were uniquely Dave. He was a Unionist in every sense of the word. He was our friend, mentor, peer, and Brother. I know you will miss him and so shall we. Dave was also a loving family man and I am proud to have served alongside him in the union movement. He truly is one with the Lord now and he will surely be watching us from above. Prayers for peace and strength, for his family and those who cared about him, are in order. To see the official obituary click here.  Letters of condolence should be sent to CWA Local 4900 at: 1130 E Epler Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46227 or via email to tstrong@cwa4900.org 
In Unity,
Tim Strong, President

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