Midwest Tentative Agreement F.A.Q.

We have started a list of questions and answers regarding the Midwest Tentative Agreement.
*This file will be updated as new questions come in…

What is the current percentage we are paying for health care? Since, they want us to pay 29%.
And does this mean the cost will not increase each year of the contract?
NO, we will pay 29% of the total plan cost. The plan cost rises each year based on prior year claims by all users in the plan.

The nicotine rate…how will that be determined, is everyone tested?
Tobacco surcharge is self-identified during open enrollment. When you self-identify as a nicotine user, the system will send a link to an app you download and then you follow the instructions to complete the program. Whether you quit or not, it will tell the company to either add the surcharge you if you do not complete the program or to not add the surcharge if you have completed the program. You don’t have to quit under any provision of the program.

If people do not vote for the TA, will they only count those of us who do vote, or are the non-voting members consider a yes.
Only the votes received are counted. It doesn’t matter the % turned in, only the votes that are turned in are counted.

If the company is going to pay us back pay from February, are they also going to go back and match our 401K.

If we put more than what can be matched? If I put an extra 50.00 a month in my 401K, I’ve exceeded the amount the company will match, but if I had that raise in February, the amount the company matched would have gone up, so will we be getting a retro match?

Are prescription going into the deductible…ie..medicine in future will cost 159.99 instead of 10/20 a month until the family cost reached?
Prescription Plan design is the same

Improvement in Appendix A4: This is the JBF- not enhanced ability to transfer.
What are the enhancements?
A-11 is the staffing process.  Previously appendix F received fewer points than those in core titles.

Letter adding Nanodegrees to AT&T Tuition Aid Policy -which employees are eligible for this?

Healthcare what are the details on spousal cost, if my spouse has healthcare options at his job, is there a penalty to add him to mine?
Surcharge $100 per month starting 20/20. We have had this in the past. More details are posted in the online benefits summary document.

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