Mobility Strikes: Our Story @4900

On May 19, 2017 Mobility members represented by Communication Workers of America (CWA) strikes against AT&T. After verifying Local 4900 results, 98% of our members walked out at 3:00pm EST in this fight for a fair contract! High percentages were reported across the country as well. Our members, and members across the country are doing what it takes to earn a fair contract.

The company had estimated that in 36 states the number participating would be at a very low percentage. They had no contingency plans in place and were forced to close stores in several locations.

America is tired of the greed from wealthy corporations. Those CEO’s that give themselves raises while forgetting the middle class who work for them. Employees who make them and their companies successful.

Those same sentiments were felt by the overwhelming support of our families and friends who picketed with us. Thanks to: the public who showed their support as they passed by us blaring their horns. To our wireline sisters and brothers who joined us. Other union organizations and activist for providing food and standing on the line with us. Our gratitude goes out to local businesses across the state for providing food and restroom facilities. And a VERY SPECIAL thanks goes out to those customers who honored our Picket lines and even picketed with us!!

And last but not least, THANKS to our new generation of union activist, our mobility members! Your executive board cannot express enough; what an honor it is to represent you! You all have been the teachers of what the new generation of members desire.

AT&T, thank you for defining our Union, and Unions across the country! We are now getting calls from groups wanting to know how to organize!

Stand up, Fight Back!

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