NIC Bargaining Update #14

In an effort to give the parties involved time to review and consider all proposals, both CWA and the Company have decided to extend the current contract. This decision was not made lightly but we feel it is in the best interest of our members. Rather than rush to accept a contract before the “deadline”, we would prefer to take more time to work towards the best agreement possible. This means all provisions remain in effect, including the grievance and arbitration processes.

Please continue your Mobilization efforts; the Company knows you’re out there and we appreciate all your efforts!

In Unity,

Your CWA National Internet Contract Bargaining Committee

Ruth Marriott – CWA T&T Staff Representative & Bargaining Chair

Mayette Arii – CWA Local 9413 Vice President

Tim Skaggs – CWA Local 6215 Steward


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