Ramp It Up!


AT&T’s continuous refusal to allow us access to jobs is a slap in the face. Our CEO, Randall Stephenson stated that with corporate tax cuts there would be a 1 billion dollar investment that would create 7000 hard hat jobs. Without the promise of jobs in this round of bargaining, “nothing else we negotiate matters”! Its time we show the company we are disappointed in the lack of respect they are giving to those who built this company. Always a profit made by AT&T, but never a consideration for those who take pride in branding our logo. As our CEO has stated, we deliver the best customer service in the industry.

Its time to RAMP IT UP and let the company know we are serious about moving our work back from contractors and off-shore call centers. Please contact your mobilization activists to see what our next step will be. Enough is enough! This is personal and its an attack on our families!


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