Retail Meeting Guidelines


We receive many calls inquiring about the guidelines for attending retail store meetings. Below is an outline of those  requirements. Should you have any questions please go to the contact page and find the Area Representative for your store location. Your Area Representative can assist you. Remember attendance points are accessed if you fail to attend any meetings that fall within the requirements below.

Store meeting conducted by RSM

  • Must be on the schedule and given 48 hrs notice when possible
  • It is not mandatory for those who are on PTO, LOA or scheduled day off
  • Meeting must be within 2 hours of the start of your shift
  • Meeting start time is used for purpose of defining within 2 hours start of shift
  • You will be compensated for meeting time

Quarterly meetings with DOS/ARSM

  • Quarterly meetings are mandatory for everyone to attend
  • Mandatory on your scheduled day off
  • Not required to attend on your PTO or LOA day off
  • You will be compensated for meeting time

Any calls conducted by the VPGM

  • All calls conducted by VPGM are mandatory
  • Calls will be done via conference in store or home
  • Not required to attend on your PTO or LOA day off
  • You will be compensated for meeting time

Anyone given a point that was not required to attend per the guidelines above should immediately contact their Union Representative. Remember if a grievance needs filed, we have a 30 day timeline for filing. Most often points that are given in “error” can be discussed with management and removed prior to filing a grievance.

For two years now the Union has worked hard to enforce the above agreement we have with the company. If you have a company representative who is not operating within the guidelines above… we want to know!

UPDATE Aug 4, 2014: Even though management schedules these meetings on their weekly schedules, the above rules are still applicable!


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