Retiree AT&T Discount Clarification

The following communication sent out by District Staff Rep to clarify the communication sent out by the company on AT&T Retiree discount program and mandatory enrollment in paperless billing :

There have been a number of inquiries regarding mandatory enrollment in paperless billing for retirees to be able to maintain discounts on ATT Mobility service. The confusion stems from the company’s distinction between “discounted services” and ‘concession service”. The letter (attached) recently sent to retirees informs them that unless they are enrolled in paperless billing by August 1, 2015 they will no longer receive discounted mobile service or discounted service for U-Verse and wireless home service. This DOES NOT apply to traditional concession service. ATT considers discounted services as something totally different than concession service. This has caused considerable confusion among the retiree population. The form on which retirees applied for the wireless discounts beginning sometime last year clearly stated that paperless billing was a requirement to receive the discounter service. ATT just recently began to make sure everyone that has the discount is on paperless billing. I have verified this with Labor.

I have shared this information with Annie Flack and Marcy Gregory and they were making sure the various D4 retiree Chapters were notified. I also raised the concern that not all retirees currently enrolled in discount mobile service received this letter. I was told that since the retiree agreed to paperless billing when signing up for the discount, if they have an active e-mail address on file they will be converted to paperless billing using that address and may not have received a notice in the mail. What could possibly go wrong?  In any event I suggest retirees contact ATT prior to August 1st to make sure they are enrolled if they want to maintain the discount on these services. The wording on the attached letter is indeed confusing with the use of the term discounted service since it does not include concession which most retirees consider to be a discount.


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