We Shut Them Down!

This weekend was historic – AT&T didn’t think we would strike but we did. We showed them we are not settling for crumbs at the bargaining table and we will fight them until we get what we deserve. Tomorrow we return to work with our heads held high.

40,000 AT&T workers – 21,000 in Mobility – walked off the job Friday in the biggest labor strike in years. We shut down stores across the country and turned away customers – tanking sales nationwide. Participation was huge and we saw very few scabs. Many customers refused to enter stores, and some even joined us on the picket line.

Our allies showed up big time in support of our fight – from elected leaders, other union members, community organizations, students from local colleges, and members of the public just walking by who stopped to join our pickets.

Our families stood with us, sending a clear message to the company about what we’re fighting for – making sure the needs of working families are met and protecting good, union jobs for generations to come.

We stood up not only for ourselves and our families, but for all working Americans who are stick and tired of being taken advantage of by greedy corporations. This fight is even bigger than AT&T.

Let’s congratulate ourselves for a job well done and walk into work tomorrow very proud.
Tomorrow, CWA will be at the bargaining table. We hope management starts to bargain seriously with us.

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