Company “Bogus Final Offer”

Yesterday, at&t sent out an email to our members in CWA District 4. They stated they had proposed their final offer to our bargaining committee and they provided information that ultimately is telling half the story. They asked each of you to encourage your local to put this proposal to a vote.

The actions the company took is an attempt to bypass our elected bargaining committee. They are essentially wanting to bargain with each of us as individuals. We are a union, we understand that we are stronger together. The company is trying to push a divide between us and our bargaining company.

This morning our local filed a labor board charge against the company for bargaining in bad faith.

We just had a district wide officers call where we were able to obtain a few more details about the company offer that is going to make us all better off at the end of the contract. (Those of you that don’t know me, that is sarcasm)

Let’s talk about their propaganda offer:

Employment security: The part of their deal that they don’t want to talk about is that your job offer may include a job outside of your state, or even outside of this contract and it might be an offer in another contract. They didn’t mention that they want to make it so that if you fail a test that you could be removed from payroll. The words were used that the company believes employment security should include some consequences. WHAT? I suppose the stress of the possibility of losing your job, worrying about how you are going to support your family, I guess that’s not enough.

Improvements in the 401K savings plan: This is something that might actually be a positive with giving more options for investing in the 401K, but there are still some things that need to be worked out for this to even be a positive for us.

Continued Comprehensive Health care and retirement benefits: Well, well it’s the same old song and dance on the health care. They believe we should pay more for the coverage, and it really doesn’t matter that they can afford to keep it where it is, they believe we should pay more—oh and again pay more with some significant changes to prescriptions.

Improvements for App F: they offered an additional .20 raise—oh that includes at least fusion splicing. There is some language that leans towards them maybe doing the right thing in a surplus situation—

Paid Parental Leave: This is a positive

They don’t even mention jobs in their little letter. If you start clicking on the links provided to give you more details it mentions some jobs. Oh, but again it doesn’t mention where the jobs are going to be, what unit (contract—Our, mobility, internet service…..). They won’t even say the jobs are new jobs to the unit. They would more than likely be churn and burn jobs so no real increase in headcounts. No mention of brining work back from offshore or contractors. They want to pretend that they don’t exist, or that they don’t impact our job security. They seem to forget we are a UNION SHOP. We want our jobs back.

We continue to file labor board charges, grievances and putting pressure on the company every way we can.

Grass Roots Rally in Arlington Heights on June 2nd. If you are not scheduled to work, please plan to attend. Contact your Area Rep if you would like to try to carpool up there. The rally will take place in the same location bargaining is happening.

We need you to continue to mobilize and tell your managers that we need JOBS. The money offer is good, but without a job the money offer is just ink on a piece of paper. The company believes the bargaining committee is the only people concerned about jobs.
Let them hear you. JOBS JOBS JOBS

Below you can see the latest report from the bargaining committee breaking down the company proposal from their perspective.

Please continue to mobilize and support your bargaining committee. 


In Solidarity,

Beth Dubree, Sec/Treas
Larry Robbins, VP Div 1
Tony Boles, VP Div 2
Danielle Brewer-Collier, VP Div 3

CWA/AT&T Bargaining Report #63

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