1st Quarter Surplus Update

Attention 4900 Members:

The company declared more than 1800 members surplus Friday afternoon.
District 4  332
District 3  280
District 6  Approx 700
District 9  235 Prem, 238 Core
Legacy T   32

This continues a despicable tradition they have established for the Christmas Holiday. This action is nothing more than corporate greed at its finest. That’s what it is, greed. My opinion is these actions are driven by the company’s desire to cut costs while their “Time Warner” deal continues to falter. This is the same action we have witnessed when “deals” went sour before this one. They continue to fill their bank accounts by cutting labor costs. It seems it’s not enough that they are about to receive a windfall in corporate tax cuts.

To top this news, the announcement for the Midwest IEFS Premises technicians was utterly f##### disgusting. They declared this surplus using “needs of the business” and not seniority. They did it without using geographic areas that are covered by every tech on any given day. They did it while ignoring their past force adjustments to make sure “management had the right headcount”. They did it while ignoring different skillsets assigned to different people and how it affects performance. They did it while knowing people get sick and that’s what sick time is for, not for surplus!

Let’s be straight, its bullshit plain and simple. They force out of town by area seniority. They force holidays by seniority. They bid schedules by seniority. They have laid off bumped prem techs by inverse seniority. So it is bullshit plain and simple. This is a play for the company to eliminate who they don’t like. This is the “needs of bullshit”.

WE WILL FIGHT… we have submitted lengthy data requests covering the entire local. We are processing grievances for every affected individual. We are processing numerous board charges at a local level. We have planned mobilization actions that you should participate in tomorrow if you are a prem in Indy or South Bend. We have yelled and screamed at everyone from local management to union leadership above. We need your voices to raise and raise loudly. I can shout as loud as possible but it will be a roar if your actions make it louder.

Make a difference and let management know you are not happy. This is not acceptable for the company to take these actions. Quit taking non paid time, stay here and mobilize. Walk in together, turn your backs on management, info picket or come up with your own ideas that fit your location.

The Local does not and will never agree with a surplus or the destruction of seniority. WE will personally use every tool, legal resource, and mobilization known of. We need you to make those work. Fight the corporate greed and bullshit now and send the company the Christmas message they deserve by fighting back together.

In Solidarity,

Tim Strong / President CWA 4900

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