CWA Local 4900 Mobility Tentative Agreement Update

Attention CWA/4900 Mobility Members:

After nearly a year long fight, that was marked by the 1st ever strike at Mobility, a tentative agreement was reached. By now I hope you have reviewed the Bargaining Committees town hall call and submitted any questions to them that you needed answered. If you have questions that are unanswered, please contact your local union rep so we can get you your needed answers.

The agreement contains many significant provisions that move you forward in securing work, job security, and pay increases with retroactivity. Some of these improvements are items that, I’ve witnessed, take years to gain in other contracts. Having said that, it’s never everything we could hope for. In a time where working families are under attack from corporate greed, this is an agreement that moves you forward.

This fight will continue no matter if this agreement is ratified or not ratified. We are always going to be under attack because we are a union and not an individual that can be bullied into a corner.

Make sure you have reviewed the tentative agreement and the local will be travelling to your work location, over the next several weeks, to take your vote on the agreement.

May you and your families have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Tim Strong / President CWA 4900

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