D4 Statement on Current Surplus

TO: CWA D4 Local Presidents – AT&T Bargaining Unit

As you all know, the Company declared a surplus of 332 employees in the Midwest (over 1,500 across all Districts). We have been in effects bargaining with the Company since receiving the notice, and discussions continue at this hour.

Every surplus is difficult. The current surplus affecting our Credit & Collection Center in Detroit, Premises Technicians District-wide, and a Technical Specialist in Indianapolis, is not without the same concern for our fellow Brothers and Sisters.

This surplus announcement does, however, come with an especially insulting disregard for our Union, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the members affected by their business decision(s).

The Company has taken a position with regards to our contract language in Appendix F, specifically Forced Adjustment language, where they maintain to have the ability to lay-off surplus employees outside of inverse seniority. I can emphatically assure each member that the District does not agree with their position and stands by our language and its intent. Furthermore, I assure you that no member of the District 4 staff or Executive Board has entertained, entered into discussion, or negotiated any process outside of inverse order of seniority with any agent of the Company.

We are continuing to effects bargain (and argue) with the Company at this time. Our position is clear and straight forward: there is no justification for announcing another surplus in segments of our workforce where contractors are in the field and in call centers doing our work AND seniority will not be trampled on.

Locals should continue their efforts in the field as the District has filed an executive level grievance and corresponding information requests while discussions continue. We will keep everyone informed as to any developments.

In Solidarity,

Linda L. Hinton

Vice President – CWA District 4


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