D4 Update on Current Surplus

TO:  CWA Local Presidents (AT&T)
RE:  IEFS Surplus

Hello all,

I know that many of you have received an email from District with yet another IEFS surplus list from the Company.  The District has communicated to the Company our disappointment and anger with their disregard for the employees and the anxiety caused by these actions.

Furthermore, I wanted you to be aware that I have officially requested a stay of the current IEFS surplus.  We will not continue to allow the Company to cause even more harm to our members because of their haphazard efforts.  I am awaiting a response from Labor.

We emphatically maintain the position any surplus should be handled in inverse order of seniority.

Finally, I want to say thank you for the efforts and the dilligence of our Locals as we try to resolve this issue.  The information that you have requested and gathered, as well as the questioning of management has played a major role in finding errors within their process.  I know this was (is) tedious, but it was essential to our efforts. I personally wanted to thank you on behalf of Linda, D4 staff, and myself !

I will communicate any new information as it develops.

From CWA District 4 Admin Assistant
Curt Hess


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