CWA AT&T Mobility Healthcare Information on TA and Ratification Vote

The international union has reached a tentative agreement on Mobility Healthcare.  The major changes are the actual cost structure with a new second option; while the current plan design remains the same.  The secondary changes are related to the movement of the healthcare back into the regional contracts.  This will allow the ability to strike over healthcare in the future.

The cost factors are what should be reviewed prior to casting a vote. if you have questions about the 2 new options, please contact your local union representative and we will get you the answers as soon as possible.

All documents related to the newly announced Mobility healthcare agreement are available on the Unity@ Mobility website:

Click Here to View All Documents

There will also be a call for the members on 6/10/16 at 3:00 EST,  they can call in at  855-808-5159 or listen online:

Click Here to Listen

The call will also be posted on the above link for listening on demand for those unable to make the call today.

The ratification vote will be done electronically by BallotPoint and will begin this Friday, June 10th and go through July 13th.

Below are the voting details: 

A postcard will be mailed to the members home address on file with the union. The postcard will have a “scratch off” with the voting access info under it.  Members may vote on-line or by phone.

On the card, members will be instructed to call their Local Union office with questions or requests for new credentials; then the Local will call a designated person from the District to go into the system and get them new voting credentials.  The designated person for Local 4900 is Mindy Ottinger. She can be reached via email at or phone at 317-786-1441 ext 0.

Every vote counts!

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