CWA YP Holdings Bargaining Update #2

Our CWA Bargaining Committee met with representatives of YP Holdings Midwest on June 13-17 in Southfield Michigan.

The week was primarily spent reviewing and discussing Company proposals that have been presented on items such as Health Care, Force Adjustments, Contracting and a new Sales and Compensation structure.

While we were able to make some progress on items that have lesser impact on our membership, we are far, far, apart on the others.

YP proposes, among other things,  to have the right to lay off by performance ranking in sales positions and by job function in non-sales positions, have greater flexibility in contracting, have unclear health and welfare benefits and to roll out a sales structure that has no regard to seniority.

We made it clear that these retrogressive proposals are unacceptable in their current state and that our members deserve better.

Now YP needs to hear this from the members…

Both committees will be meeting together again for two days next week.  An update will be sent out shortly after these meetings.

In Unity

CWA YP Holdings MW Bargaining Committee

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