DTV Update #10

Dear Colleagues:

I wanted to give you another quick update concerning the status of DirecTV.  Most of the Districts are reporting successful card check recognition of the current DTV regular employees, who are now AT&T employees.   In the Midwest, as you know, we have two locations with those employees and were certified under the card check agreement on May 18th by the American Arbitration Association (AAA).  Great work was done by Locals 4217 and 4320 in gaining a majority of cards.

For those who attended the recent Ad Hoc Meeting prior to the Presidents’ Meeting, you may have heard there is an agreement to have two National tables to discuss the common issues of inclusion into our contracts.  One table for centers, and one for the technicians and associated titles.   Since we don’t have centers in the Midwest, I will only inform you of the plans for the field forces.

As agreed to by the Telecom VPs and AT&T, that table will meet in D6 and be made up of a DTV/AT&T employee from each District.  The National table is chaired by Mike Neumann, Area Director to District 6 Vice President Claude Cummings.  Jay Walther, President of Local 4320, who has a majority of those workers, has a technician from his Local representing the DTV/AT&T members in the Midwest.

Online bargaining surveys are currently being filled-out by those members across the country.  The goal of this National table is to try and reach an agreement on common issues that affect all Districts.  Once that’s complete, at least here in D4, our Midwest AT&T Bargaining Committee will be involved with any Local issues we may have concerning the inclusion of those members.

You have probably also heard that IBEW is in negotiations with AT&T in Chicago.  Their negotiations are for the DTV employees they may represent across the country and have nothing to do with the CWA-represented members.

In Solidarity,

Linda L. Hinton, Vice President

CWA District 4

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