CWA/AT&T Orange Contract Bargaining Report #6

CWA AT&T Mobility – Bargaining Report #6

February 9, 2022

Bargaining has continued everyday this week and with just a couple days until expiration, we
remain far apart on many key issues. While there has been some progress, the Union
Bargaining Committee has submitted multiple proposals that have gone unanswered. A key
issue that we are very far apart on is Benefits and Pension. As we have all experienced during
this pandemic, medical benefits are incredibly important and it is not too much to ask from a
company with the resources AT&T has to offer Benefits that their employees can afford. The
security provided by comprehensive and affordable benefits, as well as retirement security, are
issues that AT&T could easily improve to show their employees that this is a career and a
Company that cares. As of now, they have not done so.

As stated in previous reports, we have passed other proposals for each group in this contract as
well as proposals that will apply to all. We are in an environment of high inflation and economic
expansion, and throughout it all AT&T has remained highly profitable. It is about time they
share that profitability with their employees who make it all possible.

While some progress has been made, we need all members to stay mobilized and let the
Company know that WE DEMAND BETTER!


In Solidarity:

Pat Telesco, District 1 Renee Rouser, Local 4320
Tonya Hodges, District 1 Danielle Brewer-Collier, Local 4900
Michael Baxter, Local 1101 Corey Davis, Local 7103
Frank Oliva, Local 1298 Rosa Wilson, Local 7110
Hannah Long, Local 2204 Alex Dorado, Local 9421
Jeff Reamer, Local 13000 Erdem Onder, Local 9509
Julie Daloisio, Local 13500

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