Good Jobs and Strong Communities

January/ 2016

So what’s going on in your Local? Here are a just a few of the key highlights from the month of January!

Finalized a fury of Community actions across the state. These ranged from a tremendous effort in South Bend of donating nearly 4,500 dollars’ worth of new toys to the Toys for Tots program to the similar efforts in Indianapolis with both Toys for Tots, the “Spirit of Christmas”, Foster Fairies – (All of our Indianapolis Downtown groups, in partnership with Local 4998) and the donation of over 1000 lbs. of food to local food pantries; the continued “First Steps” for Christmas in the Muncie area, the and finally to the hand crafting of over 100 scarfs from the Evansville Mobility group for the children at Riley Hospital.

Negotiated return of 15 year employee with instant time bridging.

Reached a settlement with YP that resulted in a five thousand dollar payment to a previously disadvantaged member.

Ended 4th quarter surplus in core with all being placed into new jobs or esc except one who turned down a job offer.

Began the process of the 1st quarter surplus with voluntary retirements with SIPP.

Averted a potential surplus in the North Central part of the state via a general SIPP, one voluntary retirement with a SIPP payment.

Welcomed over 40 new hires into our Mobility bargaining unit.

Successfully worked with a state legislator to introduce an “overtime fairness” bill that would allow all working Hoosiers to get 1 ½ pay for all hours worked past 8 in a workday and 2x pay for all hours worked past 52 in a workweek.

Using local CWA Local 4900 app, website, and Facebook; successfully mobilized a National CWA Poll for the membership to choose their candidate to endorse for the upcoming Presidential election.

Successfully finalized the election of VP, Danielle Collier-Brewer to the YP Bargaining committee.

Launched a one of a kind “Commissions plan” in 1 Mobility Retail store of 5 in the country; the plan allows for floor reps to focus on taking care of the customer instead of chasing the quota of the month.

Successfully hosted 5 Common Interest Meetings with our at&t units. These CIF’s covered topics of importance to over 2/3rds of the local’s membership. The CIF’s were held around the state and included many of our Chief Stewards and elected Board members.

Held a first quarter Executive Board Meeting where the focus was on educating our board members and carrying that education to the membership. The board also focused on fully staffing our 13 committees so that they may become fully functional for the membership.

Prepared plans to send 4 activist from across the state to a week-long “Second Year” leadership program.

Prepared plans to send multiple activist to an upcoming “Labor Notes Conference”; in which they will both participate and continue to learn how to successfully fight for the membership while creating Good Jobs and Strong Communities.

-All of this highlights just the activities thus far this January. This doesn’t begin to touch on the daily fight for removal of discipline and fights to make the daily workplace better for the members of the local.

We need more of you to be active in making Good Jobs and Strong Communities!

In Solidarity,

Executive Board of Local 4900

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