Overtime Legislation (From the Desk of President, Tim Strong)

I am pleased to let you know about your locals recent Legislative efforts.

The local officers and our Legislative Chair, Angie Schritter, have been working since late last summer to draft legislation that would make it mandatory for employers to pay 1 ½ for all hours beyond 8 worked in a workday and double time for all hours worked beyond 52 in a workweek. As many might be aware, this is existing law in California and it allows them to have far more power over this topic at the bargaining table. We had similar bargaining demands just last year but the company would not even consider them.

So again we were able to introduce the legislation by working with an Indiana House of Representatives member, Representative Macer and the Legislative Law office. The bill that would mandate this as law has been introduced. It is House Bill 1072 (HB1072). The bill has been assigned to the Committee on Employment, Labor and Pensions. I encourage you to contact your legislator and ask that this bill be given a hearing. Currently the committee chairman does not intend to even give the bill a committee hearing even though this legislation could better the working conditions and pay for nearly every hard working Hoosier who is paid hourly.

The only action that will move this bill forward is you contacting your legislator and demanding this bill be given a hearing.

I am a firm believer that we must attack the erosion on workers’ rights both at the bargaining table and the statehouse. Find your legislator by clicking on the link in this news article.

To Find Your Legislator, Click Here

In Unity,
Tim Strong/President
CWA Local 4900

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