Poll for Fort Wayne Area Representative Position

Currently the Area Representative position is vacant in Division 2 Area 8. This position covers the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas of Angola, Auburn, Bluffton, Columbia City, Huntington, Kendallville and Warsaw. Members included in these areas are Fort Wayne Call Center, Retail and Wireline.

Per our Local 4900 By-Laws when an Area Representative seat is vacant:

Section B – Vacancies & Appointments

  1. Vacancy in the offices of Division Vice President(s), Secretary-Treasurer, Area Representatives and alternate delegates to the Convention:
  2. The Executive Board shall fill all vacancies by temporary appointment until a special election can be held or the next election cycle

Although the Executive Board has the ability to appoint until the next election cycle, it has been decided the Local will conduct a “POLL” of the membership to fill this position.

Over the next several weeks, we will be asking for interest of candidates to fill the Area Representative position in the Ft Wayne area.

Please email tboles@cwa4900.org by 2-12-16 to declare yourself as a candidate for the poll that will take place on 2-19-16 to determine your pick for Area Rep!

After interested candidates are declared final on 2-12-2016, the union will conduct a poll of the membership by listing all candidates on a secret polling ballot.  Members in good standing will then have the opportunity to make their choice. The poll will be conducted at the Fort Wayne Call center (3811 Illinois Rd Fort Wayne, IN) between the hours of 10:00AM and 2:00PM EST on 2/19/2016.  If you are unable to cast your choice in this poll due to proximity to the call center, you may call 765-621-0052 to do so.

The poll will be conducted by a member of Local 4900 election committee.

After the top candidate is chosen, the current Executive Board will vote on appointing that person to fill the remainder of the current term.


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