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Not all managers fit into this description. Many have the respect of their employees. These are the managers who motivate, inspire, educate and understand worklife balance. They have a genuine concern for their employees and understand not only company processes, but the process of a Union. And they understand our desire to get this contract settled and move on!

This video is for all those managers (you know who you are) that continually called the police or had security present during the strike. The managers who tried to coerce members leading up to the strike by either using fear or propaganda to keep Union members from striking for a fair contract. There are federal laws against this for those managers who don’t know this. Those laws and rights are covered under the National Labor Relations Act. You should familiarize yourselves with those laws! Unfair Labor Practice charges can be filed over these types of actions that are legal concerted activity!

CWA 4900 wants to thank all wireline members who supported our mobility brothers and sisters during this 3 day strike! Many provided feet on the street, food, drinks or even loud honks to the picket lines as they drive by in their workday.

Wireline members have vowed to our mobility sisters and brothers that if this is not settled soon, there will be much more mobilization and activity coming. This fight is about all Union members and not just those covered by the Orange contract.


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